Our first experience in injection molding dates back to the year 1945 when Mr. Vandenhirtz started a small production line with 1 press in a building of 30 m2 in Dolhain, Belgium.

The name Polyform existed since 1962 when a company in the Brussels area was founded.

5 years later Polyform was taken over by Mr. Vandenhirtz and a partner, who had at that time already 7 presses in a building of 500 m2.

Polyform continued to grow and already owned 25 presses in 1973.  The surface area of the production now exceeded 2000 m2.

In 1977 the De Radigues family became the new owners of Polyform and in 1980 they also acquired Aspel.

In 2000 the Aspel-Group was established following the merger of 3 companies: Polyform, Aspel and VG Plastics in Bocholt, Belgium.

The Aspel-Group aspired to go global. As a result out of that plants in Slovakia and Mexico were opened in 2004.

Since then the Aspel-Group has become an international player in the injection moulding industry with some key global customers in the automotive industry.

At the end of 2014 the management of the Aspel-Group decided to divide the activities into a global automotive business and a non-automotive business.

Polyform is concentrating on the non-automotive clients.

Today Polyform counts on 70 years of experience in injection moulding for all kinds of Industry sectors.  The Polyform-Team will use this outstanding knowledge to serve the customers of the non-automotive business-world.