Polyform @ a glance

What will be our contribution to your success? What role can we play?

Polyform looks back on more than 75 years of experience in the injection molding sector.  Today we are pleased to be able to use this knowledge in the production of small to medium sized, thin walled and complex parts for our customers all over Europe.

Thanks to our ISO-certification and our quality-management policy we are capable to produce parts with very low dimensional tolerances.

Our in-house tooling shop allows us to maintain the customer’s molds in the best conditions and to guarantee a fast repair of any mold damages.

With our presses in the range of 15 to 250 tons clamping force (and 6 to 2000 tons in the Simonis Group) and a perfectly monitored automation we are able to produce your parts in a cost-efficient way.  Our capability in molding, over-molding, 2K-molding combined with assembly-services allows us to offer you more than just plastic parts.

We are able to contribute to your success.  The entire Polyform-Team is ready to develop your parts with you.