The entire Polyform-Team is committed to deliver an optimal service to its customers through co-development, high quality, efficient logistics and teamwork.

We strongly believe that we can only succeed together, if we understand our mutual needs. Therefore we put so much emphasis on our co-development skills.  We want to work with you as your partner.

High quality is much more than only delivering satisfactory parts. Quality at Polyform means that every single person is totally committed to give his/her best to ensure customer satisfaction.

We are all aware of the importance of time. Wasting time is not only irritating, it is also an important cost-driver.  Efficient logistics in procurement, in production and in delivery management is for us a key to build trust among our customers.

A clear and open-minded communication is the only way to understand each other.  To achieve this, it is not enough to have some single contacts.  You need a real team.  Working with Polyform means that you know every member of the Polyform-Team who is in charge of your project.  In this way communication is much easier whether it concerns sales-issues, production related topics or questions about engineering…